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Ehrine's place
Table booked for 18:00

Going to ring them in a bit to let them know less than I booked for will be there (Paul T is ill), but I doubt it'll be a problem.
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So I'm crap at the idea of forward planning, but is anyone interested in joining me for a few drinks in a pub or for a meal either tomorrow or Saturday? I'll check LJ and Twitter during work tomorrow (can't check farcebook from there) and try to put up an appropriate plan straight after work and/or phone people or whatever.
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I have an intention to go and see Tron Legacy at 14:15 on Sunday assuming I don't end up needing to go to work. If anyone wishes to join me, feel free.
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For those that are unaware, the new games shop has opened in the original location of Bishop's Games (down in City Arcade). Not much stock atm, but they'll order in. They can't take cards yet either (machine due next week).
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Plan is this (at least at the moment).

Food a Myo (http://www.myo-restaurant.co.uk/Home.asp) at about 6pm followed by drinks at Whitefriars from about 8:30pm (when we get there).

If people are interested in food let me know as I might have to book and/or we can wait for people to arrive.
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Seems Cee Lo Green has managed to get his latest track on Radio 1. It has been renamed and rerecorded as "Forget you" though :)
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Right, due to being on late shift at work this week I can't do much to celebrate before the weekend. As a result I intend to do _something_ this weekend. As a minimum I suspect there will be a trip to the Whitefriars or something. I'm open to suggestions of somewhere to go for a meal though!

Anyway, just a heads up so people are aware I intend to do _something_.
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So, the new Terry Pratchett book is out today and I thought I'd look at what my options are for buying it.

RRP for the hardcover is £18.99, but in the way that is common, you can get it for £8.99 from waterstones online. Not bad and probably what I'll do.

I did look at the ebook price though and was stunned. The RRP for the ebook is £19.40, so 41p more for something that costs less to produce and distribute (although I do accept that a lot of the price is royalties/editing/advertising costs etc) and something that due to DRM I cannot loan to a friend. Add on the fact that Waterstones want the full £19.40 for it (no discount). Even WHSmiths (which are usually cheaper for ebooks) still want £15.91 for it. This is the trouble that ebooks are suffering atm. The format is never going to succeed when the cost of the books is that much more than the dead-tree version.


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Based shamelessly on the route posted last year.

10:00 Earl Of Mercia (breakfast stop)
12:00 Inspire (Belgian Beers)
13:00 Windmill (Real Ale pub)
14:00 Old Orleans (Cocktail stop)
15:00 Flying Standard (Wetherspoonsy)
16:00 Somewhere in Priory place. Dogma probably (cocktails!)
17:00 Browns (maybe food here too)
19:00 Whitefriars (end of the line, settle in for the night and drink their fine fine ales)
And then ... splinter groups go off to find decent eateries, if they can be bothered, and return as and when. Recommendations: Habibi, Aqua, China Red, Noodle Bar.

I'm intending to be twittering when we reach each stop via foursquare (http://twitter.com/EhrineAshbark)

Phone number is 07747 010617

If someone could slap this onto the Facebook event I'd be greatful (facebook is blocked from work).
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Just a reminder to one and all - the all day bar crawl is on Friday (25th). Seeing as Ed cannot attend this year, I'll repost a rough route (and my phone number) later this week.
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